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Legit Marketplace to buy guns, buy firearms online, buy counterfeit money, passports for sale, German passports, fake money, cocaine for sale, marijuana for sale, western union and paypal tranfers. Safe place to order(wickr:blackmart)


Best market to buy Guns, Rifle , and ammo shop

Para Bellum

Para Bellum

Trusted weapon shop for Europe Turkey and Kazakhstan



The best source for carded Gold on the deep web.


Legal.Cases collects publicly available texts of court decisions all over the world. This is done for the purpose of a comparative research of judicial practice in different countries.

Hacking of web servers, computers and smartphones. Malware development for all operating systems. Hacking social media, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. Change grades in schools and universities. Obtaining someone's private information. Exploits, Trojans, backdoors, Android RATs, keyloggers. SQL injection attacks. DoS/DDOS attacks. Phishing attacks to obtain passwords from selected targets. Forensic data analysis. Password recovery. We can do a lot.

Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin is mixed manually using reliable services. The mix includes many unrelated crypto wallets without KYC. Anonymity is guaranteed

Fight Club Shop

Gun for you. Pistols, rifles and shotguns in Europe.

ASTRA - Anonymous Surfing The Tor Onion Sites.

ASTRA Search Engine and .Onion website list exchange free. Not censure. Not political. Not comercial.

Everything you need for your entertainment. Cocain, Ketamin, THC, Carfentanil, Fentanyl and much more!

Phantom - Professional Hacker

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Buy Bitcoin Wallet with balance transfers. Get 20% Discount when buying more than 1 item! 100% Satisfaction!

Atlas Hacker - Professional Hacking Services

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Bitcocaine - Cocaine Pure

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Anonymous Bitcoin Miner Software 2024

Mine bitcoin with 9000TH/s+ power (Withdraw more than 0.1 BTC /day)

YQ4Host - Premium Web Shared Hosting on Tor

The only premium hosting on Tor. Create your websites for only €1/month.

Send USDT almost free with Tron energy marketplace

The EnergyFather marketplace provides energy, bandwidth, API, and free energy calculator. Also there you can always use a free automatic TRON tools for TRX freezing (staking), claiming rewards and voting for super representatives.

Impact - Hire a Hacker

Specialized in social network hacking, Hacker, hire a hacker, account, hacking, compte instagram, compte facebook, compte snapchat, social media, piratage, hack, account, instagram, hacking instagram, hacking, snapchat