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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

The forum of professional participants of the drug market! Here you will get all the necessary information about organizing a laboratory of any size, from a small kitchen at home to an industrial facility. And if you have your own production, here you will find all the relevant information to improve efficiency and safety. In the sections of the forum you will find: © Methods of synthesis and analysis; © suppliers of chemicals and equipment; © descriptions of the pharmacological action of substances; © Business technologies.

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CB Media | Dark Internet News & Info. / Hacking Tutorials

Dark Informative project based on the fight for internet freedom and anonymity.

Buy Documents Online

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Ross Ulbricht is condemned to die in prison for creating an anonymous e-commerce website called Silk Road. His clemency has widespread support.



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Help the Ukrainian army as well as the families caught in the developing conflict, Say no to war.

Hackers Blog - Hire Hackers

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nameee's service and guest blog

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Dead End Shrine Online

Lethe Beltane's personal website

Sonic the Hedgehog!

Website about mid-1990 retro game.

Dark WebSites Links

Blog for beginners on the DarkWeb

Codex-Tenebris Onion İndex

Codex-Tenebris Onion İndex my e-mail:[email protected]

the Buccaneer

A blog focused on video games with a forum section.

Arvin club

Arvin club


Tech and random blog.